guide to thessaloniki

Any traveler entering an unfamiliar city tries to find out how this city lives and breathes.
You can’t explore it just by wandering around the city
It is all the more important to have an experienced guide nearby, who is also a local resident, a resident who looks at this city with love

City Tour

By car or on foot

By car

Immerse yourself in Thessaloniki's rich history and unique culture on our exciting driving tour. The ancient streets and fortress walls of the ancient city will tell you their amazing stories. We will be transported from one era to another, talk about the modern life of the city and, of course, visit all its main attractions

On foot

The best way to get to know a city is to walk around it on your own. I will help you with this. Taking a leisurely stroll through the streets of the city, we will get acquainted with its main attractions and immerse ourselves in the rhythm of the modern city. Step by step we will study its history and discuss together all its advantages and disadvantages

We offer

Group and individual tours


Along all stages of the route


Available for excursion by car

Excursion service

A professional guide conducts a tour of the historical monuments of the city


We'll definitely treat ourselves to some Greek coffee


We are constantly in touch with our guests to resolve any issue

Individual approach

The tour program may vary depending on your preferences

Tour price list

for a group from 1 to 4 people
Excursion by car
First stop: Ano Poli (upper town)
Second stop: White Tower (symbol of the city)
Third stop: Camara and Rotunda
Fourth stop: Church of St. Demetrius
Fifth stop: Roman Forum
Sixth stop: Ladadika (old part of the city)
from 90 euros*
from the group
Walking tour
First stop: Aristotle Square
Second stop: monument to Alexander the Great
Third stop: White Tower (symbol of the city)
Fourth stop: Kamara and Rotunda via Student Street
Fifth stop: Church of St. Demetrius
Sixth stop: Roman Forum
Seventh stop: Turkish baths
from 60 euros*
from the group

*price may be adjusted depending on the number of participants in the group, as well as individual wishes

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