Let’s go to Greece

Discover the land of impressions, the land of tastes and mysteries of the past
If you don’t have time to study routes, locations and look for places that suit your taste, but want to get to know the country from the inside
Our team is ready to meet and guide you through the most popular locations in Greece and discover them from the side from which the locals look at them, with humor and love

Current offers

Climbing Olympus

Tour from June to October

Jeep Safari

in Olympus

On a yacht around the islands

Tour from June to September

Guide to Thessaloniki

All year round


All year round


All year round

Our team

Our family
For more than 8 years now, the two of us and our tourists have been traveling around Greece, we have vast experience, a wealth of knowledge and endless love for this place
  • Nadi
    Guide, historian
    Masters degree in History, Masters degree in Archaeology, experience in tourism for more than 10 years, love for Greece and its gastronomy
  • Dionysius
    Creative director
    An experienced traveler, a fearless adventurer and just a wonderful person who was born and raised in Greece and has visited every corner of it


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