Olympus mountain range

Contrary to popular belief, Olympus is not one mountain, it is an entire mountain range

The most important peak of Olympus is Mytikas (2918m), translated from Greek as “nose”, because the Greek language also has diminutive suffixes

According to the ancient Greeks, it was on Mytikas that the Olympian Gods and Goddesses lived

A small clarification: the ancient Greeks did not believe in the 12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses, they knew that they existed

Therefore, it was strictly forbidden to climb Olympus, so as not to disturb the peace of the gods

The second most important Olympus peak is called Stefania (2808m), which means “wreath”

On this peak, according to the ideas of the ancient Greeks, there was the throne of Zeus

Olympus is now a national reserve and construction here is officially prohibited

Since the time of the Byzantine Empire, mountain villages and monasteries have been preserved here

Climbing to Olympus is not difficult, you don’t even need to have special sports training, the main thing is not to get lost there

And in order not to get lost on Olympus, do write to us, we will help and advise you and you will have a great time on Olympus, living every magical minute here with pleasure
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