Easter in Santorini

On Good Friday evening, one of the most atmospheric events takes place in the medieval village of Pyrgos, which is also located on the highest point of the island

On every terrace and windowsill built by the village's amphitheater, as well as on the roofs and walls, dozens of small jars of lanterns are set up, one next to the other

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of lights are lit throughout the village

When the time comes it is the children of the settlement who, on the run, light them with torches, creating a magical and impressive scene

If you stand at the foot of the village, it looks like a huge flame divided into tiny tongues, and if you decide to walk through the narrow streets leading to the Church of the Virgin Mary, in a Venetian castle, you will feel like a hero of medieval legends

This custom is relatively modern, about 50 years old, and is related to the Greek Easter tradition of the Epitaph

After Jesus Christ was taken down from the cross, his body was carried to be buried in a tomb and sealed.

With the lights of the city, the people of Santorini seem to indicate the path that the body of Christ traveled before its burial.

This impressive spectacle, as well as the famous cross of Lazarus, 15-20 meters high, decorated with flowers, which is installed in the village of Megalochori, you can see if you visit the island on Easter
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