Easter in Corfu

On Holy Saturday, Corfu wakes up early. At 6 a.m., the Basilica of Our Lady of Foreigners hosts a reenactment of the earthquake that, according to scripture, followed the First Resurrection

At 9 a.m., a service for the saint, established in 1550 when Corfu was saved from famine, begins at the Church of St. Spyridon in Corfu

The epitaph is accompanied by the famous Corfu Philharmonic Orchestra, because Corfu has one of the most well-organized and "melodic" philharmonic orchestras performing in Corfu

A few hours later, mourning is replaced by... bustle as people gather in Spianada and Liston - and everywhere else they can - to enjoy one of the most spectacular Easter customs

At the signal of the first Resurrection at 11am, the people of Corfu throw huge jugs of water - botides ( μπότηδες) - from their balconies

Botides - clay jugs with a narrow neck and two handles on the sides for carrying them, the inhabitants tie red ribbons to the botides

The custom of breaking jugs on Easter in Corfu has a long history dating back to the Venetian era, but there are different theories as to how it originated

Some say that the custom dates back to the Catholic times of Venice, where at the beginning of the year the inhabitants threw away old things so that the new year would bring them new and better things. The people of Corfu adopted this custom, but replaced the old things with jugs

The second theory dates back to the period of the ancient Greeks, who celebrated the beginning of the agricultural season in April by selecting the

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